Halal investment


Halal investment

Islamic Banking, also known as Non-Interest Banking or Shariah-compliant finance, is a financial system that follows Islamic law (shariah). This rapidly growing and profitable global industry is present in nearly 70 countries, including the UK, Canada, USA, UAE, Malaysia, China, Singapore, South Africa, and Kenya. Major banks such as HSBC, Citibank, and Barclays Bank also offer Islamic finance services. This financial system is inclusive and open to people of all races and religions

Success must be achieved according to Islamic principles.

The underlying principle of Islamic Banking is profit-sharing, where both the bank and customer share the risk. This type of financial intermediation promotes a more equitable distribution of wealth and income.

Islamic Banking emphasizes conducting business with fairness and transparency, and customer education on risks and costs associated with products and services is a top priority. Although rooted in Shari'a principles, Islamic Banking is not limited to Muslim clients, and is accessible to non-Muslims as well. In fact, recent trends show that interest in Islamic Banking extends beyond the Muslim community. Europe is considered a hub of Islamic Banking globally, even though only 5% of its population is Muslim.

Islamic Banking is becoming increasingly popular in emerging markets, having helped some financial institutions escape the worst effects of the economic crisis. Islamic Banks were less impacted than conventional banks during the global recession, largely because they did not invest in toxic assets or rely on complex derivatives, which are prohibited under Sharia law.


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